The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to WeChat for Business

Let us begin with surprising facts. A nation with more than 1.5 billion fellow citizens has no accessibility to the world’s top social media platforms where the rest of the world cannot breathe without top social media platforms in today’s digital world. Nevertheless, more than fifty percent of the population is active online where they play games, do online transactions, make video and voice calls, chat with people and moreover get some money during New Year in China. We are not joking. Wechat is spreading like wildfire in China. More than forty percent of the population is active on Wechat on a daily basis and use numerous functions for everyday tasks. This multitasking communication tool has taken China by storm in both commercial and social aspects. Now we will see how we can leverage the potential of Wechat marketing to become successful in business.

Let us start with the basics by looking which Wechat account is compatible with your business goals.

• Subscription-based accounts – This type of account emphasizes on brand communication and information. Celebrities, bloggers or any individual have access to this account. You can publish one to six articles each time on a daily basis.

• Service-oriented accounts – It focuses on customer relationship management and offers robust services. The verified accounts can access Wechat pay through registration and can open a Wechat store. They can also use nine advanced application-programming interfaces that help your brand for creating different functionalities and apps like GPS app, Instant Customer Service app, etc. This is the ideal account for businesses where one can get a large audience.

• Corporate related accounts – The above two accounts main target are external stakeholders, but this account focuses on managing and communication within the company. Only the authorized internal staff has access to this account.

Setting up a business account for Wechat

• You should obtain a business license of China that one can get from a local firm or from a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise. The next is having an ID belonging to a Chinese citizen with a payment account of Wechat. If one does not have a business license than setting up a company in China and then you will receive a business license for doing registration with Wechat. This process takes time, and you have to pay a high amount.

• Another option is using a business license from a third party. In China, each firm can register five Wechat accounts. You can contact with these companies for creating an account and need to pay an annual maintenance fee. Though the account is attached to the legal entity of China, you can decide your company’s description, logo, and name.

• If your company is based on Macau, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan, then you can register yourself. Please read the updated guidelines for Wechat business that is posted by the admin group at regular intervals.

Using Wechat tool for business from a marketing angle

• Using QR codes – One having an official account would get a QR code created by Wechat. You have the option to customize the codes that match your brand value. One can post the codes on social media, traditional stores, etc. This is a smart way in attracting customers by giving them promotional offers, discounts or access to free Wi-Fi, which will boost followers and sales.

• Creating content that appeals to customers – the content in the Wechat should be catchy, and it will create an emotional bond with your customers. A recent survey shows that more than fifty percent of the users will share the article if they find informative. One needs to think out of the box to stand out from the crowd for generating traffic for becoming successful in WeChat marketing.

• Launching of various campaigns – These are good strategies to engage with the customers, and one can launch creative campaigns like games, quizzes, etc. For encouragement, the participants provide them with goodies and discounts.

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