Three Affordable SEO Services Which Your Small Business Requires

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SEO can be the difference between your site getting tons of targeted traffic… or tumbleweed blowing through it.

In fact, SEO brings in more profit than any other marketing efforts. But Houston SEO services could become expensive if it doesn’t work.

If you spend $500 per month for SEO and still don’t get the ranking you aim for, that’s wasted money that you could have spent on other business areas.

On the flip side, if you are in a competitive market, and you can outrank your competitors by being on the top of SERPs for your primary product or services search terms, how much is that worth to you?

$1000 a month? $2000 a month? $3000 a month.

The most affordable SEO services for your business are those that deliver results and won’t break the bank.

However, it could a tiring task to figure out such services. So, we have done the legwork for you, and here is the list of the top three cost-effective SEO services.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is a one-time fix. Although you may need to modify things from time to time as the algorithm changes but if you set things right from the start, they will last.

Here’s a quick rundown of the two top technical SEO issues you should focus on to make your SEO strategy foolproof.

Site and URL Structure

Set up your URL and site structure properly right from the beginning.

This will help you avoid any big issues in the future especially when your site is going to be big and have a lot of pages. URL structural issues can also affect your rankings.

You need to make sure that your URLs are valid. For example, it should have dashes, not underscores. Also, it should have punctuation, have relevant keywords in the URL, and must be unique.

Similarly, the site structure should be correct to ensure your users access the information they want on your site easily.

Image Compression

Always compress your images. Heavy images can affect site loading speed and result in poor result experience and a high exit or bounce rate. Google won’t like that. In fact, search engines downgrade the ranking of slow sites.
Other critical factors in technical SEO are log file analysis, and fixing 4xx and 3xx errors.

Link Building

Backlink building is one of the hardest Houston SEO services these days.

Gone are the days when link exchanges could easily push your site to the top of SERPs. Google has become advanced over the years and now they will penalize you for any black hat techniques for link building.

You do one wrongdoing to build links to your site and Google will penalize you with poor ranking.

Here’s a quick list of link building techniques you can perform to build legitimate and powerful links to your content.

●  Identify and rebuild broken pages and links

●  Analyze your competitor’s links

●  Guest posting

●  Blogger outreach

●  Disavow spammy backlinks

Content Marketing

Content marketing is another most popular affordable Houston SEO services and plays a key role in boosting site traffic and visibility.

You need to create the best content which solves user’s problems or answers their queries. And when your users will love reading your content and stay longer on your site, search engines will reward you with a high ranking.

Here’s are three crucial steps you need to perform to make sure your content marketing is effective.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first step of content marketing. If your content doesn’t involve user’s search queries or keywords, your content won’t be discoverable. And all your efforts will go in vain.

So, do a competitor keyword research to identify their top keywords so that you can outrank them.


Include the top keywords in your content. Also, add semantic keywords to improve visibility. However, make sure your content doesn’t look like keyword stuffing. Shallow content with too many keywords will eventually damage your site ranking.

Editorial Calendar

Content marketing is a long-term game. So, you should have a proper editorial calendar ready to move things forward with ease.

Doing all these tasks can seem overwhelming so take the help of a Houston SEO services provider and focus on what matters most to your business.

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