Hiring a Financial Controller? Here are Ten Things that Matter Most

If you are looking for financial controller, there are a number of factors you need to keep in mind when hiring one.

1. Professional knowledge: First and foremost, the financial controller should have the knowledge of technical accounting. He should be someone how knows the in and out of finance and should help you make right decisions.

2. Experience: An experienced financial controller will have a significant impact on your business as compared to a fresher. A controller needs a strong educational background and experience in handling the functions of finance and accounting. You need to hire a controller who has adequate experience in your industry. The accounting and financial reporting requirements vary from one industry to another and if you hire a controller with minimal knowledge of your industry, you will not be able to benefit from the same. Hence, it is very important to consider hiring a controller who has the requisite knowledge of the industry your business functions in.

3. Qualities of leadership: Accounting and finance is teamwork. The controller should have the skills to manage and direct a team. This requires experience and talent. The controller should take necessary action to keep the team motivated, engaged and should be able to meet the deadlines. He should be happy to train his team and chart the path to success.

4. Positive improvement: Professional financial controllers should make positive changes in the organization. They are always on the lookout for better ways to manage the responsibility of the team and to help things run smoother and cost effectively. The right candidate will constantly monitor the progress and help resolve issues.

5. Strong work ethic: A controller should have a strong work ethic and a commitment to grow the business. Controllers with high energy and motivation take the company to its potential. It is important to look for candidates who are eager to learn and willing to take up challenges.

6. Knowledge of soft skills: If you are looking for financial controller near me, it is important to consider the soft skills of the controller before making the decision to hire. When the controller walks into the room, he should leave a strong impression. He needs to be skilled in dealing with the internal as well as the external team of the organization. Most importantly, the controller needs to be good at giving feedback and should be honest since he will be dealing with the finances of the organization.

7. Knowledge of the system: Most managers are on the lookout for controllers who handle the day to day finance requirement with the working knowledge of software and accounting tools. Many times, an organization hires a financial controller when they are planning to upgrade their financial system; hence hiring a controller with the requisite knowledge is helpful.

8. Check references: If you have found a candidate who meets all your requirements, you need to run a thorough reference check. Never overlook this step. When you check for references, you will be able to decide if you are making the right decision or not. Learn more about the ability of the candidate to work under pressure, work ethics and soft skills. Lastly, inquire why he is leaving a particular organization.

9. Continued learning: Depending on the qualification of the candidate, you need to determine whether he is willing to continue learning. For a CAP, he should be able to maintain his certification through the professional education courses. The organization should provide opportunities to the candidate to continue their learning.

10. Cooperation with CFO: The controller will be constantly working with the CFO. He should be able to collaborate with him in every aspect. They need to build a strategy, brainstorm and align the work to achieve common goals. The chemistry between the CFO and the controller should be strong and they should be able to trust each other.

When hiring a controller for your organization and take your own time. Do not rush this decision since it can have a negative impact on the business if you make a wrong choice.

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