How to Create Corporate Videos for Businesses

Corporate videos have come a long way from the days of boring presentations and straightforward narratives. Not that there is anything wrong with straightforward narration (it is still appropriate at times) but the nature of corporate video has evolved a great deal and organizations have a wide variety of options and styles to consider for their corporate video efforts.

Further, corporate videos are now beyond presentations and offer organizations a creative avenue to share brand messaging, highlight success stories, and share promotions through interesting storytelling and oodles of creativity. With today’s social media channels businesses and non-profits are able to produce video content that reaches audiences across the globe. Additionally, producing corporate video is now multi-dimensional in that the production of a focused video, which is strategically produced can often lead to the development of other video assets that can be used across social media channels to promote the organization. Here are some tips to create the best corporate videos for your business.

Think creatively about your corporate video message

The first step for creating great corporate videos is to be clear about the message you wish to convey through the video production. Is it about promoting a product or a service? Is it a branding exercise or an opportunity to introduce team members? Is it for posting on your website to showcase your company’s values or culture? Do you want to develop thought leadership content through the medium of videos?

The fact is there are a lot of different creative directions to consider even before you start production. Further, you have to consider; what is the tone you want to use for your corporate video production? Will it be humorous, serious, or casual? Is it going to be an animated video, or will it feature people (known in the industry as a live action video – even if it’s not an action film.) The bottom line is strategy is important, think through the finer details and work with you chosen video production partner to strategically produce the video or videos before you move onto the next step of developing your video.

Consider the Budget

It is possible to develop corporate videos on different budgets. There are a range of productions across a wide spectrum; from multi-million dollar Hollywood productions to shoe string productions that don’t feature a lot of bells and whistles. For businesses and non-profits it’s important to be mindful of budget while balancing production values to ensure that what you’re publishing is a positive reflection on the brand. Working with your corporate video production partner you should be able to have an open dialogue and identify a solution that allows you to produce video content within your identified budget range.

Keep in mind, that even if you are a small business owner, you don’t need to miss out on utilizing the marketing power of corporate videos due to budget restrictions. The fact of the matter is that this is budget that is wisely used as you’ll continue to experience ROI from your video long after you have produced and published your corporate video production.

Further, when it comes to budget look for a video production team that will help you maximize the investment and help you to produce the best possible video without overcharging you or presenting you with a laundry list of fees when the production is over.

Hire a Professional Video Production Company

It is best to leave the work of creating corporate videos to professionals. There are a lot of aspects that go into your production and it’s not something that should be shot with a phone or without the proper attention to detail. A video shot without proper lighting, script, or attention to audio can turn out to be a terrible experience and a poor reflection on the brand. A professional video production company will be able to understand your goals, the vision that you have at the outset of the production and will offer a solution to meet your requirements and produce a video that meets your exact needs.

Keep them Simple

It is important to create simple, short, and succinct corporate videos that can make an impact on your audience. The length of the video must be right for its message and purpose. The content of the video must be interesting but conveyed simply.

Whether the video is about a product demonstration or your organizational culture; it must be presented in a way to connect with each of your customers. Keep the intent on providing some value to your audience through the content and you will be able to create a fantastic video that either promotes your business, or shares insights with clients, internal audiences, or those on social media.

Keep Audience Engagement in Mind

It is important to capture the interest of your audience watching the video. Whether you are producing a marketing video, or a training video, think about answering the audiences questions and keeping them locked in to the production.

It is important to capture all the information in the videos with demonstrations, engaging scripts, and useful content. In today’s digital age, it is important to create and promote videos that will be shared by your audience across various social channels.

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