The Advantages of Business Conference Calling

In the current times, gracing any event with your physical presence is at best bargaining with your safety. How then do you attend an important business conference, such as the China business conference in London?

Telephone conferencing or video conferencing.

Conference calling is an effective modern-day tool used to bring groups of people together to facilitate real-time communication. What was long been used by large enterprises is now readily accessible to all due to the advent of cloud communications. Offering a unified communication experience, conference calling has now become an excellent and obvious option whenever meeting in-person is impossible or unnecessary.

Here are some of the undeniable benefits of conference calls.

1.    It is as engaging as a live conference

While an audio call can seem less engaging and almost wasteful when compared to attending a business conference live, video conferencing compensates for it. With each conference member being visible, you are inclined to use the communication skills we have all practised in our everyday face-to-face conversations. Doesn’t that come as close as physically attending a China business conference in London, live!

2.    It is an efficient alternative

In the current scenario, when travel can be massively stressful, audio or video conferencing comes as a boon. Evidently, reduced commuting time is a significant benefit of video or audio conferencing. Add to that, if sustainability is a mandate for you, video or audio conferencing is certainly a greener alternative than in-person meetings or conferences.

3.    It is cost-effective

Let us assume that travelling does not pose a safety concern for you, however, it certainly does not make it any less expensive. If you are attending a conference on cross-border marketing, such as the China business conference in London, you may be required to travel to attend it. Do not let the travel expense stop you from attending an important conference. You can easily accomplish attending the business conference via video conferencing. Pro-tip; you can redirect the money saved towards other business priorities or investments. After all, money saved is as good as money earned.

4.    It encourages team participation

No matter how geographically distanced your team is, no matter the number of your team members wanting to attend the conference, with audio or video conferencing everyone can attend a business conference of interest, such as the China business conference in London. There are some business events, where as a business leader you wish for your entire team to attend. However, due to geographic or monetary constraints that does not look like a feasible option. With the teleconferencing option, you can have any and every one from freelancers to permanent employees attend.

5.    It gives you a long-term competitive advantage

Considering and combining all of the above-stated advantages, it can be easily said that audio or video business conferencing provides a strong competitive edge to your business. With reduced costs, increased team participation and more productive meetings, attending business conferences has never been more easy. You can now stop worrying and start preparing to attend the China business conference in London

To take complete advantage of the innumerable benefits of an audio or video conference call, pick a quiet location to attend the call. This way you avoid all the distractions and remain focused on the speaker. Furthermore, remember to mute your side of the call when not speaking. If you are using a phone without background noise suppression, then it is important for you to remain conscious of your background noise. Whether it is as natural as heavy breathing or a routine domestic noise, it can be disruptive for the speaker on the conference call.

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