Ways to Advertise on Weibo for Boosting Your Business

Social media is an enormous phenomenon in China, with 92% of the country’s internet users using it daily for social interactions, entertainment, knowledge enrichment, sharing information, paying bills, and making purchases. Since the Chinese government has banned foreign social media platforms, the country has developed its indigenous platforms. Of these, Weibo is one of the largest, with a massive user base of over 850 million.

Every month, the platform gets over 200 active users, with over 70% using a mobile app to access the site and over 80% using it for online shopping. That means, Weibo offers extraordinary potential to companies wishing to expand their online presence in China. By having an account on Weibo, you have the opportunity to engage directly with potential customers, and, if you manage that right, you could make new conversions and, consequently, see your sales go up.

Furthermore, for your marketing convenience, Weibo advertising (adstochina.westwin.com/Weibo-Advertising) offers several marketing models that you can use as per your requirement. Here are some of the ways in which Weibo advertising can help you to boost your business:

Advertise on a Fan Tunnel

The Fan Tunnels are the best ways to reach out to Weibo users and get more new customers. It is especially useful if you are new to the platform and haven’t yet built up a following. You can choose to promote a single post on a Fan Tunnel or even your entire account.

The promoted content will show up in the news feed of other Weibo user accounts, and, that way, the whole Weibo community will be able to view your advertisements.

Advertise with a Fan Headline

With a Fan Headline, you can promote your brand advertisements in the newsfeed of your existing followers on Weibo and also on that of their connections. They can share the content and disseminate it further. Fan Headlines are excellent for building up your follower base and increasing awareness about your brand. The advertising model comes with options like Fan Headline for Posts, Fan Headline for Others’ Posts, and Fan Headline for Accounts.

You should consider Fan Headline for Others’ Posts if you have roped in influencers for your advertising campaigns and want to promote their posts about your brand. The pricing for Fan Headlines differs according to how many followers you have; the more followers you have, generally, the more you have to pay for the promotion.

Advertise with Weibo Search Engine Promotion

Search engine promotion is another great way to boost your advertising campaigns. The Weibo search engine allows users to use targeted keyword searches to find accounts, posts, and fan pages. So, by using competitive keywords in your advertising, you will be able to raise your account’s visibility. Every time someone searches for those keywords, your account will appear at the top of the search results page. It will help your brand catch the attention of other users and increase traffic to your account.

You can also use display advertisements that will show up in the search results and lead users to your website landing page when they click on them. Additionally, you can improve your marketing with demographic targeting. Weibo lets you target users according to age, gender, location, interests, connections, and various other parameters. That will allow you to refine your advertising campaigns, get more clicks, and increase your ROI.

Given that Weibo has a large share of the online interactions in China, using it will make a definite difference in your marketing efforts. Weibo advertising will get your brand before a lot more people than you could reach with traditional advertising.

People are more open to checking out new things on social media, especially if social media influencers and other people in their networks are talking about the brand or are sharing the brand content. So, they will be more likely to click on your advertisements and visit your brand website. And, if they think your products and services are classy, useful, or both, they will buy them and even become loyal customers. They may even recommend you to their families, friends, and connections.

In the best scenario, your brand may take off like wildfire and become a popular household name in China.

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