How to Use WeChat for Business: A Guide for Marketers?

Effectiveness of Microblogging Marketing

In our time, microblogging has become all the rage because of the changed social scenario. Consequently, people across the globe from all age groups show an active interest in participating in such online platforms. Through the microblogging sites, users can pass on tiny pieces of content, images, and video links. Hence, this platform will be practically effectual for promotional activities. When businesses send their texts, pictures, and videos, prospective customers will view them. Moreover, these ad campaigns will be pragmatically speedy and will spread across the users within a short time. There will be quick responses from the prospective customers, and thus, companies will be able to comprehend the real requirements of their clientele. However, one will have to these marketing campaigns through popular online platforms. For instance, as far as China is concerned, WeChat Marketing ( is a sure bet for marketing success.

Why WeChat?

WeChat Marketing is a handy way of promoting brand names in China. WeChat is an effective social platform in China in which a high number of people coming from all consumer segments participate daily. Successful interaction is possible in the local language, Mandarin. Indeed, this site is practically a windfall for all businesses that wish to promote their products or services in China. The number of active users who visit the site daily is round about 902 million, and as regards the monthly active users, the approximately calculated number is 797 million. These are indeed substantially high figures, and for sure, your advertisement will have a high reach. Subsequently, the brand name of your company will pass through within a large section of the population. Hence, WeChat is the right place for performing your promotional activities. Meticulously planned and promptly performed WeChat Marketing methods will surely yield positive results for the company. A rough calculation points out that an average Chinese user uses the WeChat platform at least ten times a day, and the average time is nearly 66 minutes. Therefore, it is possible to enhance the brand awareness among the participants. You can directly communicate with the prevailing and potential customers, and this will result in the augmentation of the site traffic, which means that you can enhance the sales revenue. Interacting with the Chinese customer segments in their language, Mandarin is the key benefit of choosing WeChat Marketing methods.

How to Use WeChat for Business: A Guide for Marketers?

WeChat allows varied functional services to account holders like text messaging, broadcast, voice message, video conferencing, video calls, picture sharing, video games, etc. You must use each of these allowed methods prudently and in line with the aspirations of the clientele. The practical significance of hiring an expert digital marketing company that possesses definite awareness as regards the Chinese market conditions pops up here.

The first thing that you will have to do for starting a WeChat Marketing campaign is to open an official account with WeChat, which is also known as public account. The process is quite easy once you decide which type of account you propose to have. Here, you can opt for three different types of WeChat accounts, namely, subscription account, service account, and enterprise account. Albeit these are all WeChat accounts, the available services differ a bit. You must discuss with a qualified and experienced SEO agency and draft specific campaign programs that will be precisely matching to your marketing requirements.

The Process

First, one will have to complete account registration, which follows the official verification. Then comes the significant part; companies can set up their customized menu. After that, one will have to do the WeChat website integration. Planning and implementing the required promotional methods is quite significant. There must be focused attention, and each part of the process must be precise and in line with the practical requirement.  For making all these required steps easy, and making the related WeChat marketing endeavors successful, the focused efforts of an SEO agency is essential. Hence, you must find out a skilled SEO agency.

Find a WeChat Marketing Agency

You must search through the internet to find the leading SEO agencies that have hands-on experience in conducting various promotional activities in China digitally. Remember, digital marketing in China is quite different, and so the experience of the marketing agency is a significant point to note. You can compare the experience, the past work, the client list, and of course, the pricing of different SEO companies and pick the best one that will be perfect for your specific WeChat Marketing task.

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