What Type of Support Your Business Can Get from A Digital Marketing Company?

The business possibilities in China are immense, but, for many foreign companies, getting established in the lucrative Chinese market can be difficult due to the cultural and language barriers. Chinese is not easy to master, and the companies may not have the resources or the time to offer their executives the necessary language training. That then makes it problematic for them to understand the cultural nuances, and, in turn, affects their ability to market their brand locally. Additionally, language issues could lead to legal hassles if the companies fail to understand and comply with the mandatory rules and regulations for foreign businesses in China.

Fortunately, though, there is a solution to these issues. By working with a digital marketing service China, you can overcome language and cultural barriers.

Let’s look at the types of support your business can get from such a company:

They can help with the business set-up

Compliance with the Chinese government’s rules and regulations is crucial for setting up business operations in the country. It can be a complicated, long-winded process, and a lack of Chinese language knowledge can make it even harder to navigate through the bureaucratic requirements. That is why you need a competent and experienced digital marketing company in China to do the legwork for you. They will handle the business application and set-up process on your behalf, and make sure that you are complying with all the necessary legalities.

They can help with the target audience research

With an internet population of over 854 million users, the marketing potential in China seems incredible. However, you need to consider how many of these users might be interested in your brand or have the purchasing power to buy your products and services. You are likely to get better ROI on your advertising campaigns if you target users that are more likely to convert into consumers. For that, you need to research your target audience by age, gender, location, income, interests, and other useful parameters. You will then be able to customize your marketing accordingly and get more effective results.

They can help with social media marketing

Social media is a tremendous phenomenon in China, with at least one out of three people using it every day. That makes it one of the quickest ways of introducing your brand to a wide range of prospective customers. You will have to use Chinese social media platforms, however, since there is an official ban on foreign social media companies in China. And to get started on the Chinese social media platforms, you will need to obtain permission from the Chinese government. The digital marketing company can make the application on your behalf and also set up and manage the social media account.

They can help with the target audience engagement

After setting up the social media account and helping you plan the brand imagery and content strategy, the digital marketing company in China will assist you with keeping your target audience engaged. They will create and put up social media posts that reference and appeal to the local and regional sensibilities, and keep up with local trends. Along with making a concerted effort to build up your following, they will interact with your followers and respond to queries and concerns.

They can help with the search engine marketing

Search engine marketing can help to familiarize your potential customers with your brand, but you will need to obtain official permission here as well. The digital marketing agency will apply for you and then set up your PPC advertising account on Baidu and other Chinese search engine platforms. They will also create promotional banners, advertising copy, and informational videos to make your marketing campaigns stand out.

They can help with the marketing performance analysis

To find out if your social media and search engine advertising campaigns are delivering the desired results, the digital marketing company in China will monitor how many impressions your posts receive, the conversions, and the bounce rates. Based on their analysis, they will make suitable recommendations for improving your marketing. You could soon make your brand a household name in China.

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