Ten Reasons to Use Staffing Companies

Going solo in recruitment may not work for most companies. The intensive competition for top talent makes things more difficult for employers.

The best solution to this problem is teaming up with Chicago staffing agencies. Here are ten reasons why many companies use staffing agencies for permanent and temporary staffing needs.

1. Increases the Number of Quality Hires

Staffing agencies have large talent pools that contain thousands of candidates who might be perfect for the job. If necessary, the agency could also consider passive candidates who might be perfect for the job and ready to change jobs.

2. Understand the Needs

Professional recruiters are industry specialist who understands the skills required for different job positions in your company. They are also aware of the skills sets available and the skill gaps and can help you fine-tune job description to attract right candidates. They would ensure your company does not over-rely on skills and experience that can be easily achieved through training especially when there is talent shortage.

3. Longer Guarantee Periods

Leading recruitment agencies are willing to offer guarantee periods. Some agencies also offer full money back guarantee to their clients if the candidates leave within the negotiated period. The money back guarantees or the longer guarantee period works in favor of your company.

4. Quicker Hiring

Staffing firms can quickly scan their databases and find candidates with required qualifications and experience. Recruitment agencies are always hiring for their clients. They are much faster in recruitment processes like reference checks, background checks that save a significant amount of time.

5. Wide Networks

Professional recruiters are always attending industry seminars, conferences, and job fairs meeting industry leaders and candidates. Since they are always out in the field, they are able to build deeper networks that can be useful to source candidates whenever required.

6. Lower Overhead Costs

According to an SHRM survey, the average cost per hire is equivalent to thousands of dollars or more; it also depends on the job position. Companies that go solo in recruitment have to bear several hiring costs like job advertisements, hiring temporary staff to deal with the workload, reference check, and background checks.

When you partner with a staffing agency, it will cut the costs mentioned above which reduces overhead expenses for its client.

7. Increased Flexibility

Staffing companies in Chicago and elsewhere can provide you temporary staff to fill vacant positions until you find the right candidate for permanent positions. Since the temporary staff is an employee of the staffing agency, you are only required to pay wages and not related to any employee related issues such as unemployment claims or similar things. You can terminate the employment when you no longer need their services.

8. Improve Productivity

Bringing in temporary staff can avoid burnout of permanent employees. Increased workloads, tight deadlines often put employees under stress that affects their productivity. This also leads to increase in mistakes or increased absenteeism which hampers the productivity further. Temporary staff can share the workload and allow permanent employees to focus on core tasks.

9. You can Try Before You Buy

Every organization desires a perfect candidate who has the right skills and also able to adapt and conform to the ethical behavior and core value of the organization. The short period of hiring is not enough to check candidates on all aspects.

Staffing agencies can provide you temporary staff for any job position which gives organization enough time to assess the candidates. If they find the temporary employee perfect in all aspects they can offer him/her a permanent position, or else terminate the employment without any negative outcome.

10. Top Talent Wants to Work with Staffing Agencies

Top passive candidates with 2-3 years’ experience prefer working with reputed recruiting agencies and are in contact with them for new job opportunities. These candidates may not regularly visit online job boards and get to know about new job opportunities through their recruiting agencies.

Do you use staffing agencies to hire for permanent positions?

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