Why Social Media Marketing is the New Trend for Marketing?

China is the only country wherewith such a massive population of social media and the Internet is very strong. People spend an average of 2.5 to 3 hours daily on social media and over half a billion people are active online and more than 300 million netizens are on social media platforms. Due to the presence of a larger number of online users in China, several social media platforms have excelled.  The social media outlets in China allows users to transfer money and at the same time brands can connect with the customers easily through the use of scanning QR codes and following their official accounts. The ability of an organization to connect directly with its clients displays the significance of social media in China today. Let us look at why social media marketing in China has become a new trend for marketing.

Staying Connected with Customers

Let us take an example of WeChat which is one of the most popular social media platforms that allow users to connect with others while also sharing pictures, stories and has the option to transfer money. It has more than 700 million monthly active users and the platform serves as a huge market potential where companies can connect with the consumers. WeChat allows the consumers to stay updated with the brands to know the latest happening about their services and products.

Increasing Sales

With social media marketing, social media platforms have the option to transfer money and can also have the option to buy products through WeChat pay. China appears to be way ahead than others in respect to payments systems across social media, but in a nation like China where everything is digital and cash is decreasingly common, the rise in money sharing platforms like WeChat is a vital resource for businesses especially in the coming days.

Endorsing, Recommending and Sharing brands on Social Media

The consumers in this part of the country believe in recommendations from families and friends for services and products.  A recent study on the cosmetic product shows that over 65 percent of people surveyed place importance on recommendations from their social network to decide on what brand to choose. In China, social media platforms allow consumers to effectively share and recommend products and brands to followers. This type of advocacy for brands pleases Chinese consumers as users tend to trust their friend’s recommendations. It is vital that brands first impress their customers so that they can share positive feedback with their closed ones. If consumers are dissatisfied with the services or products they may post negative feedback on these platforms but at the same time, it allows the companies to respond to problems in a timely manner and solve the issues effectively. Positive feedback allows family and friends to increase the purchase of products while negative feedback allows brands to address and improve issues.

Building a brand image and Creating Genuine User-Oriented Material

In this digital age, social media marketing in China offers a unique way for businesses to connect with customers and help in building a brand image. Here, social media users represent a vital market where brands can target effectively. For instance, a famous brand launched a drama series based on skincare that allows them to promote their products. These short videos were viewed more than 25 million times online and allow the brand’s online presence to be 20 percent higher than its competitors. These videos become viral and allow the brand to create innovative and authentic content thereby generating brand awareness and interest among its target market.

Social media offers brands in increasing their brand image to customers. With millions and millions of users, it is a golden opportunity for brands to interact with customers effectively on a regular basis. Organizations can generate exciting content for sharing with their customers are allow them to connect with their audience in a timely fashion so that they can keep followers updated on any new product. Businesses can also offer promotions as well as discounts to loyal and premium customers for creating a buzz about the brand which will help the brand to improve their presence on social media.

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