Seven Benefits of Working with Staffing Agencies

According to ManPowerGroup survey, around 45% of hiring managers have mentioned their inability to fill the much-needed positions due to the talent shortage. Hence many companies use recruiting agencies to fulfill their staffing needs.

Are you wondering why? Well, here are seven benefits of working with staffing agencies in San Francisco.

1. Save Time

Recruiting is a lengthy process and average time to hire can be anything between 20-30 days. For hard to fill positions, the time to hire is more. Internal recruiters spend most of the time on basic recruiting tasks like advertising vacancies through different channels, sorting resumes, and scheduling interviews.

Even with so much time and efforts spent, there is no guarantee that your advertisement would attract high-quality candidates you are seeking. When you partner with a staffing agency, it can refer candidates from its talent pool which reduces time to hire significantly.

2. Save Money

Recruiting is a highly resource-intensive process and your organization might be required to hire temporary staff to reduce the workload of internal recruiters. Also, many times internal recruiters would be working overtime to complete recruiting tasks. In that case, your organization would have to pay overtime to the staff that increases the hiring costs substantially.

When you partner with a staffing agency, they shoulder the responsibility of managing recruiting tasks. Also, staffing agencies could bear the costs related to background and criminal checks that reduce recruiting costs.

3. Reduced Risk of Bad Hires

According to CareerBuilder’s survey, the average cost of a bad hire is around $15,000. Internal recruiting team with their limited staff and reach are often stretched thin when hiring for multiple positions. The pressure to fill positions is so much that many times the internal teams do not have much time to assess candidates on all aspects that increase the chances of a bad hire.

On the other hand, staffing agencies use advanced selection methods that are able to predict job performance of the candidates during the selection process. Staffing agencies are known to invest in modern recruiting systems that help in screening and ranking of candidates and makes the recruitment process a breeze.

4. High-quality Candidates

Staffing agencies are subject matter experts in recruitment. Their years’ of experience, deep market knowledge, and wider networks give them the ability to reach passive candidates. Organizations prefer passive candidates as they have updated knowledge and skills as they are already working. It is very difficult for internal recruiters to reach passive candidates.

Many passive candidates stay in touch with leading staffing agencies in San Francisco for better career opportunities. Thus, it is easier for recruitment agencies to reach such candidates and discuss job offer from your company.

5. Replacement Guarantee

Leading recruitment agencies offer their clients employee replacement guarantee. Under this guarantee, if a new hire leaves the company within the agreed period or the new hire is dismissed by the company due to poor performance, the recruitment agency provides a replacement to the company at no additional costs.

6. Cultural Fit Candidates

Cultural fit is a major factor in employee retention. Leading staffing agencies assess a candidate’s cultural fit before referring them to their client. They employ various methods to determine whether the candidate is right for the job in all aspects.

Staffing agencies conduct cultural fit assessment tests that ask the candidates about their personality and experiences. Thus the recruitment agency works in the interest of their clients to ensure the candidates are a solid culture fit.

7. Flexibility

Workforce flexibility is an important aspect for companies to reduce expenditures and increase bottom lines. Temp workforces can help companies meet tight deadlines and also reduce overtime expenditures.

Staffing agencies offer companies workforce flexibility (in the form of the temporary workforce) where companies can increase headcounts to deal with work pressures and end the employment easily when not required. This allows the companies to meet the project deadlines without burdening permanent employees.

These are some of the proven benefits of working with staffing agencies in San Francisco. Working with staffing agencies frees your staff to concentrate on core business tasks that matter the most to your company.

Do you know other benefits of working with a staffing agency? Please feel free to comment.

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