Role of Search Engine Marketing in Business Growth

Search engine marketing has been an innermost part of online marketing strategy which is accomplished to generate more potential traffic in course of search engine results. In essence, SEM is proven to be the most productive way to market a product or service through paid advertisements that show on search engine result pages. More than 85% of advertisers intended to promote their brands in the gigantic online market in China prefer having their presence in Baidu Search engine.

Being a potential marketer in China, always work with an efficient SEO group specializing in search engine marketing in China to bid on the most worthy keywords, as you might’ve experienced with Google in the West. With this, as consumers undergo search for certain products/services, productive keywords opens the opportunity to the advertiser to display their ads along with results for the search queries. Given that, a consumer’s search queries involve clicking, it is termed as Pay per Clips Ads or PCP and it requires advertisers like you to pay your search engine on the total number or clips based on the bidding price.

Search Engine Marketing

With over 751 million internet users in mainland China and more than 700 million members, Baidu PPC is unsurprisingly the most reliable SEM tool for your business to built faster brand image with increasing market reach. In this context, it is vital for you to note the followings:

  • The first barrier, you likely to face to enter into search engine marketing in China is that, it needs registering your unique domain name and having official license to publish your advertisement or website in Baidu.
  • Since, you are a foreign company, contact a reputable Chinese digital marketing enterprise fitted with Baidu’s certification as its authorized service provider. The agency will provide thorough guidance about the documents you need to present for getting Baidu’s approval and ICP license from the government.
  • To get started with Baidu’s PPC or Baidu’s SEM, on receipt of approval and having license for hosting in China, you will require paying deposit money toward ad campaigning worth of 5,000 RMB.

Keywords: The Key to Make Search Engine Marketing Success 

When it comes to paid advertisements, choosing the most ideal keywords are the basics of search engine marketing in China. As stated, users put keywords in search query box of Baidu search engine with a view to find services or products that they look for. Alike Google, Baidu is also equipped with plenty of keywords, while it’s the expertise of your SEO that undergoes the research and choose the demanding keywords with relevance to your products/services that potential customers are expected to use.

How CPC is Determined in SEM

Similar to Google, when you go for Baidu, the giant search engine in China, you will come across the same procedure whereas only advertisement budget just cannot help you. Baidu evaluates the ranking of the ad, depending on an advertiser’s quality score and bid price. Thereby, it is significant for you to understand how quality score is decided by Baidu community so that optimization of page, cost effective marketing and maximizing of ROI become achievable.

Baidu’s Quality Score    

In fact, quality score gets the first priority to Baidu Advertising in determination of page rank. The score determined on two major aspects including trust score and quality score. Trust score works as a pointer to evaluate the trustworthiness and reliability of an advertiser from time to time by Baidu. To begin with, everyone is offered 100 points and in case of violation of marketing guidelines, certain points are deducted from the trust score. In is on the other hand, quality score is decided based on quality of the ad and content, SEO techniques followed, landing page class, uniformity of keywords whereas users comments, experience about the services, positive response are viewed thoroughly.

Vitality of High Quality Score in Search Engine Marking

Maintaining high quality score helps immensely in attain superior ad position paying low CPC given that, Baidu favors reliability of the advertiser and quality marketing endeavor. Finally to say, that with high score you enjoy high position and pay lower CPC while low score leads to very high bidding rate which collapse the whole idea of SME.

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