Reasons for Hiring an Architect

You have made up your mind about building a new project. Now, what’s next? Should you directly talk to a contractor or an architect first? Is it worth hiring an architect for your project? Building a project is complex, so you need to find the right person for having the process run smoothly. Any alternative is there to using a licensed architect? It is true that many of us hire a general contractor for handling the whole construction and design process. However, what about a new house? For any new building, it is recommended to hire an architect for handling the complexity of the building process. So, the question is who actually is an architect? An architect is a professional who is specifically licensed and trained for designing and planning of buildings. The facets of an architect’s job are fascinating and varied who lead the process to create functional spaces, from design and concept to a full understanding of those designs.

Now, you are eager to know why you should be hiring an architect.

A clear understanding of your needs

The top architects will be exploring a homeowner’s lifestyle as well as the use of their current home and then will be drawing up a construction plan that addresses both the structural requirements and the owner’s desires. With proper communication from your side, they can help in transforming your wishes and needs into an architectural expression that complies with construction best practices, city codes, and building. Depending on your city code, you may have to submit a plan with an architect’s seal before beginning your project.

Better Design

Architects always deliver more creative and interesting design work, superior function floor plan and a better relation with the site.

Top architects avoid errors in design

Errors tend to occur when working with inexperienced architects or improper planning. As mentioned above, architectural firms have enough experience in designing; therefore it is wise to let them handle the design process.

Provide creative ways for solving a problem

That’s what they have learned during their education. For example, they are able to find the right materials and strategies for making your project cost effective that suits your budget and at the same time bringing innovative design to the table.

Saving money

Preparing accurate and detailed drawings helps in reducing design mistakes to a large extent. Today’s cutting-edge technologies allow architects to exercise greater control over each building parts by presenting and designing projects in 3D versus the old school 2D elevations and floor plans. This ensures that most of the minor and critical decisions are approved and made way before the start of the construction. Changes in drawings have become less expensive than field ones (manpower, materials). This approach will also be convenient for the contractor for precisely estimating and building your project.

Good design always turns an investment profitable

Good design aids value addition to your building and well-designed houses tend to have a greater resale price.

Top architects help you choosing the right finishes and materials

Their deep knowledge of various ranges of materials enables them to recommend the compatible materials for your project based on the functionality of the room/space, proportions, and budget requirement. Good designers help in showing you various materials options by using realistic computer-generated pictures and even in real time during a discussion with you.

Integration of energy efficiency

Following the layout, location, orientation, and building are the best design practices and a licensed architect will definitely provide your home with the basic requirements for energy efficiency. This means optimizing the heat and natural light from the sun that makes you save on electricity bills over time.


The architect can be your professional figure, an agent that takes care of your interests throughout the project as well as with the other professionals involved (consultants, engineer, contractor, etc.)

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