Pros & Cons of Working with Temp to Perm Agencies

Temp to Perm agencies are experts in spotting the right talents and offering them to businesses when they need resources for emergencies and special projects, etc.

The intense competition among businesses requires your staff to think differently and design strategies to beat your competitors to win customer attention.  This requires the services of professionals who can offer a fresh and unique perspective to your efforts, from designing products to marketing campaigns. However, quality talent is difficult to find, scarcely available and is in high demand. Businesses need expert guidance and help for their recruitment needs, so the entire process is smooth, and efficient. Temporary to permanent staffing agencies have been helping businesses by fuelling them with about 14-million high-quality professionals every year, reports the American staffing association.

Here are some pros and cons of working with temp to permanent agencies:

Advantages of Working with Temporary to Permanent Staffing Agencies:

Easy access to quality talent: Temp to permanent agencies invest in building database of top talents from around the world. They not only pursue active job seekers, but also look for those on the fence – who would require a highly motivating factor to switch their job. They develop connections with professional networks, and industry influencers to gain access to quality talents. As such, when you hire through a Temp to permanent agency you get access to the best talent.

Flexibility in employment: Temp to permanent agencies understand that each business is unique and has special requirements when it comes to hiring staff. They know that businesses experience seasons of high demand – when businesses need more staff -and period of low demand – when business needs to cut down on additional staff. In addition, businesses also need staff for specific tasks, such as marketing campaigns, design projects, training, etc., therefore, staffing agencies offer businesses flexible employment options.

Save time and efforts:  Temp to perm agencies match your job requirements with the list of candidates in their database and offer perfect matches to your hiring manager, saving time and efforts for your staff.  They also manage administrative tasks such as payroll, to leave management, health benefits, etc.

Disadvantages of Working with Temporary to Permanent Staffing Agencies:

Coordination: As an outsider, recruiters may not have clear understanding of your requirements, of your organizational culture, etc. which are crucial factors for selecting a candidate. Many a times, lack of communication leads to a bad hire.

Agency charges: Temp to perm agencies invest heavily in connections with professional networks, industry leaders, etc., so they may charge a high fee for their services. Agencies also  schedule interviews for the same candidate with multiple businesses, and would offer the resource to the business that offer better compensation making a resource of your choice expensive to hire.

Time to find the right agency: Though staffing agency saves your time in hiring, the time you need to research and find the right agency could be huge.

Working with the right temporary to permanent agency is still the best way to save your time, money, and efforts on recruitment.

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