The Increasing Importance of Direct Hire Staffing Agencies

Talent shortage is one of the biggest hurdles in recruitment which leads to vacant positions and decreased productivity. Companies suffering due to talent shortages need to ask themselves one question- are they doing everything to beat talent shortages and enhance company performance? The answer might be “No” If you haven’t yet teamed up with direct hire agencies.

Here are a few reasons that show the growing importance of professional recruiters when it comes to hiring for permanent positions.

Professional Recruiters Find Talent

Companies looking to fill permanent positions desire the best talent who has up to date skills, a cultural fit and is aligned with long-term goals of the organization. However, finding such talent is not easy as it seems. According to ManpowerGroup survey, 40% of global companies have reported talent shortages.

Direct hire agencies with wider and deeper network can find the right candidates faster than your internal HR team. Professional recruiters keep hiring for their clients all the time, attend job fairs, meet new candidates. Years of experience and wide networks give professionals an advantage when looking for top talent which might not be the case with internal recruiters with limited reach.

Direct hire consultants also maintain talent pools which have pre-screened candidates.  A talent pool is a database of candidates’ profiles where individuals are grouped as per their skill sets or area of expertise.  When you face talent shortages, talent pools can be the best answer to find right candidates.

Direct Hire Agencies Reduce Hiring Costs

Recruitment is a resource-intensive process and you might be required to hire temporary staff to complete the recruitment process faster. Another option is your internal staff would be required to work overtime to complete the recruitment tasks on time for which your company would be paying overtime payment. In both scenarios, your company has to bear some upfront costs.

With a direct hire staffing agency by your side, you don’t have to worry about managing staff to handle recruitment related tasks.  The recruitment agency would shoulder all recruitment related activities for you and your staff will be free to focus on important tasks. Recruitment agencies New York generally charge their clients for a number of hires and not for the activities which help in reducing hiring costs significantly.

Direct Hire Agencies Hire Faster

While you are screening the candidates and performing checks, the potential candidates might accept another job offer leaving you high and dry.  Hence reducing the time to hire is must to avoid losing top talent.  Direct hire staffing agencies are much faster in their work due to their years of experience and better knowledge of job market trends. They can reduce the time to hire significantly to ensure the top talent is hired before your competitors do.

Staffing Agencies are Better Than Internal Human Resources

Professional recruiters are always meeting industry leaders, attending industry conferences and job fairs to get knowledge about the job market and current trends. Staffing agencies also maintain good relationships with candidates after they are placed in a company. Their network includes active and passive candidates.

If they are not able to find a right candidate from their active candidates’ database, they can also exercise the option of reaching passive candidate and discussing a new job offer. The result is your organization gets the best talent it needs.

The unique benefits of working with professional recruiters have increased the importance of direct hire agencies.

Do you know other reasons for increased importance of professional recruiters?

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