Your Guide to Advertising on Baidu

According to Statcounter, Baidu has a 71.56% share of the Chinese search engine market. And according to China Internet Watch, the number of daily active users of the Baidu search app is 222 million. That is massive!

So, if you want your business to make a mark in China, you cannot do without Baidu advertising ( But how do you go about it? Here is a step-by-step guide.

Baidu Advertiser Account Set up

You can set up your Baidu advertising account either directly with the help of major Baidu branches like Beijing and Shanghai or through a Baidu listed agency partner.

Prepare your Business License

A color scanned copy of your business license is required with a stamp or signature. You will also need to produce a translated copy of the same license in Chinese.

Have a Chinese Website

Since Baidu targets Chinese consumers, it recommends that your website should be in the Chinese language.

Take a screenshot of your Website’s homepage

Once your Chinese website is ready, take a screenshot of your homepage along with the URL.

Locate your Company on your local Government official website

Go to your local Government official website where your business is listed for public view and submit a screenshot along with the URL.

Prepare your Business Bank Account Statement

This would include your full name (which should be the same as on the business license), a brief record of your transaction history, and a local tax payment certificate.

Contact Baidu

Once all the documents are ready, reach out to Baidu. After 3 to 4 weeks Baidu may approve your request and send you the service contracts.

Make payment to Baidu

You will need to make a payment of around $2,000 to Baidu. Most of it will be deposited to your account and a little amount will be deducted as Baidu Technical Support charge. After receiving payment, Baidu will provide the login details of your ad account.

Types of Baidu Ads

Baidu Search Ads (Baidu PPC)

The Baidu PPC system is pretty similar to Google Adwords. Advertisers bid on a list of keywords to display their clickable ads in Baidu’s search results. When a user uses any of these keywords to search, the results display their PPC ads.

A Baidu PPC ad consists of a title, a description, and a display URL. The title cannot be more than 50 Chinese characters and the description cannot be more than 80 Chinese characters. You should include at least one image in your Baidu PPC ad.

As long as you bid on the right keywords and create impressive ads, Baidu PPC is quite effective both for large businesses as well as SMEs.

Baidu Display Ads

Using your Baidu Ad account, you can create display ads and place them on third-party websites that are part of the display network.

The idea is that the people who want to see the display ads should be able to see them. This is achieved through contextual targeting, placement targeting, and behavioral targeting.

Display ads have different formats-text ads, image ads, floating adverts, and video (flash) ads. They are great for brand exposure.

Baidu In-feeds Ads

In-feeds ads are blended with organic content and displayed in Baidu products-Baidu app, Baidu Forum (Tieba), Baidu mobile app homepage, and Baidu browser.

Businesses should choose Baidu in-feeds ads if their brand is new or unknown in China, if they want to reach a wide audience and if they are working on a limited budget.

Baidu Brand Zone

Baidu Brand Zone is a paid search product offered by Baidu. It allows brands to make a big impression in search results.

The ads are triggered by keywords and occupy the top sections of search results. So the chance of catching prospective customers’ attention is much more.

If a brand has some recognition in China, it is time to consider this advanced feature to get the most out of the brand name.


The ROI of advertising on Baidu is great and the risks are much less. Set up your Baidu ad account today and explore all the advertising options on Baidu for the best results. And if you need assistance, reach out to a digital marketing agency specialized in Baidu advertising.

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