How Does a Foreign Company Sell on WeChat?

The Chinese digital landscape is different than the rest of the world. If you want to reach Chinese consumers you have to use local digital platforms used by them. And WeChat is one of the popular digital platforms in China you can bet on which has over 889 million monthly active users. It is a multi-purpose digital platform that is used as a social media and messaging platform.

Let’s find out how foreign companies can use WeChat shop to promote their products in China.

Using WeChat Store

WeChat shop is a mobile website that connects to your official WeChat account. It provides an easy way to sell your products to the Chinese audience. WeChat store is more like an eCommerce platform provided within the WeChat app. It provides businesses outside mainland china to sell products in China.

Now that you know a foreign company can sell through the WeChat store, you would like to know how to go about it. Here are the steps to follow.

Setup a WeChat Store

WeChat store option is only available to users who are part of the ecosystem. You just need a WeChat user account to open a WeChat shop. After creating your WeChat store, you need a store management system that can function within the WeChat ecosystem.

You can use Weidian, a 3rd party content management system supported by the WeChat platform. Small and large foreign businesses use Weidian to sell their products and services to Chinese people. Another option is using Youzan which is also an eCommerce platform within WeChat.

For both platforms, you need to have a bank account in China and a business license. Youzan is slightly costlier and the yearly costs are around 4800 RMB. You can create attractive customer-friendly eCommerce stores on these platforms using the templates provided.

Linking Your Store to WeChat Account

Once you have created the store, the next step is linking it to your official WeChat account. Linking your eCommerce store on Weidian or Youzan is easy and the option is given in the menu bar.

Once your store and official accounts are linked, you can start selling your products and services to Chinese people. Setting your store does not guarantee the flow of customers. You need to have a strong SEO strategy to guide prospective buyers to your WeChat store.

How to Attract Traffic to Your WeChat Store?

Simply setting up a WeChat store is not going to help. You need a marketing strategy to attract traffic to your WeChat store. It is always a good idea to hire a local marketing agency for the job. The reason is China’s demographics and audience preferences play a critical role in the success of eCommerce.

Brand Building

Brand awareness is crucial in China. If people don’t know your brand they are less likely to buy your products. The reason for this is Chinese customer behavior patterns. They are very suspicious of products and avoid buying anything they don’t know.

If you want your WeChat store to succeed, you need to build a good brand reputation among the Chinese audience. Chinese digital marketing can help you in these endeavors. They can create suitable content to advertise your brand. They will help build a reputation by replying to customer’s comments and answering their questions.

Use WeChat Advertisement

WeChat provides several advertising tools that can attract traffic to your WeChat store. There are three main types of advertising tools

· Mini-program Ads

· Subscription Ads

· Moment Ads

These advertising tools use professional data algorithms to promote your store to millions of users on WeChat platforms.

KOLs and Influencers

KOLs are short for Key Opinion Leaders. They play an important role in influencing a large number of Chinese audiences who follow them. Working with the right KOLs can increase your brand awareness. A Chinese digital marketing agency can help you select the right KOL that can extend the reach of your business in the China market.

Thus you can see it is not very hard for foreign companies to tap the huge Chinese market through the WeChat shop. Just follow the tips given above and see your WeChat store up and running within a few days. Do you have any questions?

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