Five Reasons Why Business Organizations Need Email Continuity Services?

In business organizations most of the communication happens through emails. Be it internal communication or external, everyone uses emails to send messages and attachments all the time. Surprisingly, even after decades since its exception, emails are the default choice of communication though instant messaging and video calling features are widely popular today.

Given their importance and the level of dependency businesses have on emails, imagine not being able to send/receive emails for a few hours. And in this situation, it’s not just an employee but an entire organization is not able to access its email system for a few hours. The situation is nothing short of a tragedy because the unavailability of emails suddenly interrupts many ongoing talks and transfers, resulting in a loss of productivity, money and time.

If you work in a business organization and don’t want to lose out on any emails, ‘email continuity services’ is the answer you are looking for. In this article we will list down the reasons why these services are necessary for business organizations and also note the benefits of email continuity. Read on.

1. Email Servers Break Down

When you implement email continuity services along with your email system, it means there is a backup email server that will take over when your primary email server breaks down. There are many reasons why mail servers break down, insufficient power, bandwidth and memory are few of the many reasons. You cannot risk losing emails by being reliant on your mail server alone. You need email continuity services to take over the moment the main server breaks down.

2. Emails 24/7

Naturally, the biggest reason why you need email continuity services is because it lets you have emails 24/7, whether there is a server outage or not. The backup servers provided by the service providers take over immediately when the main server breaks down and these backup servers operate from the cloud. You can always count on their reliability to take over immediately and provide you a hassle free email experience 24/7/365.

3. Inexpensive

If you are thinking that email continuity services are expensive, you are totally wrong. There is no need for any additional hardware or software installation for these services. The service can be integrated into your existing email system and your employees can use emails exactly the way they used it before. There is no need for any training as such to use the updated email system with email continuity.

4. Relieves Your IT Team

When there is a server breakdown, your IT team needs to have its priority right and that would be to fix the main email server that is down. However, they shouldn’t be worried about providing a backup service to keep the email system running as that delays the repair of the main server. Email continuity services take care of the backup service while your IT team works on the main server. Moreover, the backup server is hosted on cloud and its maintenance is completely looked after by the service provider.

5. Simple and Effective

The entire process of integrating email continuity services with your existing email system is a fairly simple job. It doesn’t take a lot of time nor takes a lot of money as mentioned before. Since your employees can use it effortlessly and without any hassles, it also easy to use. However, though it is simple it helps you avoid losing important mails and the losses your organizations might incur by losing those important mails.

Along with email continuity services, you can also enquire your email service provider about additional services like email filtering, email archiving etc. Email filtering services help organizations in filtering out spam effectively. Email archiving on the other hand helps organizations store their previous emails which are flooding their inbox, without having to delete them.

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