Why is Email Archiving Necessary for Business?

According to a study, 75 percent of the company’s confidential data and intellectual property is stored in emails thus you can say the importance of emails to any business is undeniable. Around 144 emails are sent every day via emails. These days, the IT heads are facing a major low down because of their lesser budget thus they are not able to store a number of emails separately which are really very important to a company.

In this case, implementing email archiving on mails becomes a time and cost-effective solution for all IT companies.

Here is a list of a few benefits which email archiving is offering to a business or a company-

1. Storage management

Email archiving reduces the amount of the space used by the email server such that a company can store more information in emails by using email archiving solution.

With the help of the emails, you can accumulate a large amount of important data in a short time period. This makes you save some space at your server or primary storage location. By moving the emails into an archive folder, you will be able to save your data without spending money in storage thus you will be able to save money for your business which is the utmost goal of any business or company.

2. Knowledge store

Your email archive can be considered as the knowledge repository as you can save all your business important emails into email archive folder. You can access and retrieve any data related to your company by entering keywords into the search bar and can open the mail from the selected ones. The number of emails shown after the search will be based on the keyword you have entered into the search bar to access a particular mail or related information.

3. Improved business productivity with easy data retrieval

You can easily retrieve emails of an individual one whenever you need. If you delete any important email mistakenly then you can retrieve the same email immediately with the help of the email archiving solution. If you want to retrieve any mail then you can find the content easily with metadata of the content.

4. Protection of Intellectual Property

If you are in an organization which is working from the last couple of years then there would be a lot of older emails which can contain important data regarding your company as a survey says 75 percent of intellectual property of a company is saved in emails. Thus with the help of the email archiving solution, you can leverage insights and data analytics so that you can keep the data safe and keep your company moving forward by keeping all the data safe and secure in form of emails.

For example: if you want to improve your business as per customers then you can do it by retrieving old emails between salesperson and customer, this will help you to make you remove all the limitations of your and can make your business as per the demands of the customer.

5. Organization Memory Retention

Email archiving makes us keep the data store thus if a personnel changes in a company, you can continue to work by using the data stored in the form of email in your inbox or an archive folder. If you hire new employees to replace the older ones then these can easily access the information regarding the company by accessing the emails from achieving folder. This makes the new employee to easily familiar with the customers and clients so that your business can run smoothly no matter if one personnel of your company leave the company who keeps all the records.

6. Cost management solution

The cost of storage of data and data maintenance cost would become null as both the tasks will be done by the email archiving solution. You can access any email information at any time by just entering similar keywords related to the content you need. If you choose to use achieve solder with the third party such as cloud system where you can store lots of your company’s data by just paying a little amount of subscription fee which is usually monthly while it depends upon the cloud server service provider. This also enhances the security of your company’s data.

Thus you can store a huge amount of company’s data without spending a huge amount of money.

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