Corporate Video Production: The Crucial Elements

Corporate videos are used for several business purposes such as showcasing the organization’s mission, highlighting key stakeholders and employees, touting company announcements, launching a product, or for internal communications purposes including training videos. The reality is with today’s technology there are are a lot of areas where an organization can utilize and benefit from having a strategy when it comes to using video, which begs the question how do you ensure your corporate video production is successful?

The fact of the matter is, corporate video production is a complex process from identifying a strategy, crafting the media, and coordinating the post-production process to synthesize the final video.  Here are the five crucial elements needed for a successful corporate video production.


There are a myriad of different approaches that can be taken to producing a video – from the minimalist all the way to a multi-million dollar Hollywood budget. So, it’s important at the outset of any corporate video production project to have an open and honest dialogue with your video producer to establish your vision and the ballpark budget that you’re working with for the corporate video production. With a budgetary guideline, the video production companies that your speaking with will be able to determine what is possible for the video production project. Further, your corporate video producer will be able to guide you and help you make the most efficient and cost-effective video production.  To that end, it is recommended that you seek a corporate video production company that works on a flat-rate; an experienced video producer will be able to understand your project and know what it will cost to produce and be able to provide you with a flat-rate so that there are no budgetary surprises.


For starters your video production company should have an in depth conversation with you and your team about the message that you want to convey.  Knowing this will inform how the corporate video is developed, the style that is suggested, and what the right approach is to production. For example, depending on what messages you want to communicate the video production company may recommend that you not try to cram everything into one corporate video; instead they may recommend breaking the video into multiple segments based on the key messages. Working with the right video producer, you’ll be able to identify an organized approach to presenting your content in video format will better resonate with your audience.  The corporate video producer you choose will be able to outline a sensible strategy to develop video content focused on your messaging in the form of a blueprint.


A good blueprint services as the foundation of a great video; it is an important element that guides the corporate video production.

The blueprint is an overview of how the corporate video producer and your team see the video shaping up.  It will identify all of the layers of your video production including visuals, audio cues, and graphics.  Further, it will identify where the video will be shot and identify key visuals and key messages to ensure that the corporate video is completely on message.

This blueprinting process during pre-production, takes a huge role in guiding both the production, and post-production process.  For example it will identify if you have an ideal location for the shoot? What do you need at the location to shoot a particular sequence?  What are the best light positions at the location?  How does the director intend to frame the shots? Further, in terms of post-production it will guide the editing team as to what the final video(s) are and what should be included in each.

Target Audience

If you want better results from the marketing campaign, you need to clearly define your target audience. Defining target audience means thinking about who you want to communicate with and thinking about what style video will best resonate with that audience.

By knowing the audience, the corporate video production company, can help steer your video production in a direction that will speak to that audience. One of the great aspects of producing video these days is the ability to narrowcast or highly define the audience that you are producing the video to reach.  So, you may produce a video for a specific sales need, or to educate a targeted internal or external audience.

Video Duration

With the growth of online media – you have a blank slate to tell your story. Now, most viewers tend to have a shorter attention span but in some cases a long form video will suit your story. It’s best to have a conversation with the corporate video production company as they’ll be able to offer insight specifically geared to your production.

Generally speaking, Wistia, a video hosting company, the ideal length of the video is 2 minutes.   The company also says a 90-second video is as effective as 30-second video; for marketing purposes you should always aim to keep the video length within 2 minutes.  However, speak with your corporate video producer to determine what is right for your particular corporate video production project.

Do you have great ideas for successful corporate video production?  Feel free to share in comments.

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