How to Choose a Video Production Company to Create Your Business Video

Business videos are here to stay. No company can now ignore to use videos as a potent marketing tool. But creating videos is not easy – be it for branding exercises, business promotions, or any other purpose. Making business videos requires the right skills and the equipments. You can’t simply post amateur videos to your website and social channels as it’s sure to affect the reputation of your business.

It can feel like a daunting task to find the right video production company quickly and easily. Here are some tips to choose the right video production NYC company for your business:

First, make a detailed plan for your business video needs

Whether you need a production company for a single project or wish to hire one for multiple videos can make a lot of difference to your selection process. It can impact your budget as a long-term professional relationship may result in reduced costs for making the videos.

Making a detailed plan for single projects can also help you find the right video production company with the required expertise that you want. The plan will also help to simplify the search process.

Next, start searching for reputed video production company in your area

A simple online search can provide you with a list of top companies in your neighborhood. You can also ask your friends or colleagues for references. Make a list of all the potential companies you have identified so far. Look at their websites and social platforms if available. Check their services on offer, client testimonials, and look thoroughly at their portfolios.

Do you like the work they have showcased on their websites? Do they produce the type of video you require for your project? Narrow down your list to top 2-3 video companies after this initial research.

Now, initiate contact with your top choices

Contact each company you shortlisted. An in-person meeting at the prospective companies’ studios is the best as you can check the equipments and facilities before making any hiring decision.

Then, communicate your requirements to them

Tell them exactly what you need and your expectations. Consider their responses to your requests and any follow-up questions they ask you about your requirement. It is also the time to talk about the costs of making the video.

They must be able to present you with all the details about the work involved in making the video such as cost of hiring other professionals (actors, scriptwriters), the number of days they require to make the video, and the kind of equipment they plan to use to produce it. Don’t hesitate to ask them any questions you may have about their process and the costs involved in the project. Ask them about their team that will work on the video and meet with the personnel if possible.

Finally, ask them about their creative inputs

Before making your final selection, it is time to ask the prospective companies about their ideas and vision for the project. A good video production company will be able to offer you their creative inputs for the video such as including a different voiceover, ideas about using animations, adding humor to the script etc. Do not hesitate to discuss their creative inputs as you are, after all, paying them for their expertise in making videos.

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