How Can a White Label Call Center Help You Gain More Business?

Customer management and satisfaction are important aspects of every business. However, setting up and running a contact center can be a huge financial and management burden for many organizations. A large number of organizations use white label call center services that ensure your customer calls are handled in an efficient and effective manner, and your employees are free to concentrate on core business tasks.

Here are some of the ways in which a white label contact solution can help you gain more business.

Instant 1800 Numbers for Your Business

A toll-free number is useful for businesses as it helps in overcoming various challenges. Companies can use their toll-free numbers as response tool in advertisements.

When you provide a 24×7 accessible toll-free number to customers, they can call your business anytime with their queries. When customer queries are satisfied, they are more likely to purchase products and services you offer.

Unlimited Concurrent Calls

Many traditional phone companies place a limit on a number of incoming calls you receive, and outbound calls your agents can make. Any phone calls beyond the permissible limit lead to extra charges that inflate phone bills.

When you use a white label call center services, your business benefits from it unlimited concurrent calls feature. It means you can use the resources to fullest and receive and make calls to any phone number without worrying about hefty phone bills.

The unlimited concurrent calling feature will empower your employees to grow your business through calling excellence. In the process, your company also saves time, money and also reduces blocked call problems.

Virtual Extensions

Some customer queries can only be answered by people working in your departments. A white label contact center services provider offers a completely free Private Branch Exchange hosted for your system. In simple words, your organization will have its own telephone network in the call center system.

The call center system features support for ISDN, analog, and VoIP communication. The system can be used to forward calls to any number in your organization or any home or cell phone number. Since the calls are forwarded through virtual extensions and the receiver would not face any issues with the quality of the call.

Advanced Call Queue Management

It is an inevitable fact that customers get irritated by pre-recorded call waiting for messages like “All customer care executives are busy answering calls. Your call will be answered shortly”. In most scenarios, customers disconnect call which might lead to lost business opportunity. The only outcome of such experiences is negative reviews, dissatisfied customers, and a decrease in trust level of your services.

A white label contact center services provider can help you overcome this problem through advanced call queue management. You can select call forwarding based on wait-time or geography routing. The advanced call center management also allows specialty routing where the call is forwarded to the agent with a particular level of skill.

VoIP Phone Service

A white label contact center also allows you to select communication channels as per your business needs. A large number of businesses have shifted their communication from traditional phone lines to VoIP services.

One of the advantages of business VoIP service is seamless communication at reduced costs. VoIP services use your data connection and are charged per user. It means your employees can make unlimited VoIP calls (customer or sales follow-up calls) without worrying about increased costs.

VoIP also allows your remote employees to connect your main office with equal ease. Your white label contact service provider can provide you with a dedicated phone line for internal communication, and VoIP calls can be routed to this number. The capability of seamless connection and enhanced productivity will help your business tap new opportunities.

Thus, you can see the white label call center services enable your business to benefit from advanced communication technology without increased costs. It works to modify your business better and make it more progressive.

Do you know any other ways in which white label contact center services can help you gain more businesses? Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below.

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