How Does Baidu SEM Work?

Search Engine Marketing is an important conversion driver for any marketing campaign type. Baidu PPC is a proven search engine marketing platform for large and small businesses. Before you move forward to use Baidu SEM to improve your business, it is necessary to understand the finer details about its working. Let’s begin.

What Is Baidu Search Engine Marketing?

Baidu search engine marketing is often referred to as Baidu PPC, Baidu Adwords, and several other names. It is a pay-per-click advertising system where businesses and individuals place bids for keywords in order to display their clickable ads on Baidu’s search engine results page.

Account Registration

This is the first step to using Baidu PPC. Unlike Google Ads where you just need a Gmail account and a credit card to register, the procedure of Baidu PPC account registration is quite lengthy and bit complicated.

You need to register as a company rather than an individual. Also, you need to submit lots of legal documents to verify the business and ownership of your domain and also deposit an amount.

The validation of a Baidu PPC account can take 2 months or longer. In some cases, the validation period could be as long as 6 months.

Range of Ads

Baidu offers a wide range of advertising products like display ads, text ads, search ads, and information feed ads.  Brand Zone and Baidu Zhidao are innovative advertising products offer to specific customers.

Display of Ads

Baidu PPC ads display is a bit obscure and it would be hard to distinguish between advertisement and organic search results. Online advertising is welcomed by Chinese users and many people are willing to check ads to know more about products and services.

How Does Baidu PPC Bidding Work?

The position of ads on Baidu’s SERP is determined by several factors like bidding prices, quality score, Baidu’s Trust score of your company, and user behavioral data of the searchers.

The Bidding Prices

It refers to the amount you are willing to spend on each click people do for ads. Baidu SEM heavily penalizes bidders who have low-quality scores. Businesses with higher quality scores usually get higher ad ranks with lower CPC.

Baidu’s Trust Score

It is a point system to determine how trustworthy your business in the eyes of Baidu is.  Every business starts with 100 points. The points are reduced for any violations that a business does to promote something illegal using Baidu PPC.

Quality Score

It is determined by the quality of your landing pages and ads. It depends on various factors like content relevancy, user experience, and click-through rates.

Structure of Baidu PPC account

Baidu PPC account has a campaign-ad groups-keyword structure.

  • Campaign – It refers to a set of ad groups that have a daily, weekly, and monthly budget. Other important elements of Campaign are user interest targeting, location targeting, negative keyword list, and other settings. Campaigns are used to organize the services and products you offer.
  • Ad groups– it refers to one or more ads that share a common set of keywords and bidding prices.
  • Keyword– it refers to a phrase used to describe your service or product that is placed under an ad group.

Budgeting of Baidu PPC

Baidu allows more flexibility in the budgeting of your ad campaigns.  You can set up a daily budget at the account or campaign level.  Baidu also offers a budget accumulation tool that allows marketers to accumulate the account budget if the daily budget is not used.

What Is the CPC of Baidu SEM?

CPC stands for cost-per-click. It is an amount an advertiser pays when any user clicks on their ads. The cost-per-click is generally lower than the maximum bidding price.

How to Track  Performance of Baidu PPC Campaigns?

Baidu offers an analytics tool to analyze the performance of ad campaigns. You can also use Google Analytics but you have to add Google custom URL parameters with keywords used for accurate results.

China is a rapidly growing market with millions of potential customer for your products. A better understanding of how Baidu SEM works will allow you to use the pay-per-click platform with robust effectiveness without escalating advertising costs.

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